HaloHalo Tayo!

Ano ang kalooban natin?  Sino tayo?  What is our Filipino soul?  Who are we?
Drawing from the psychology of Carl Jung, the play presents the living spirit of our cultural archetypes*:  the Navigator-Wanderer, the Warrior, the Child of Eden, to name a few.
The creation of this play was given impetus by the combustion of energies of Sonia Roco, the late Sebastian “Choncho” Sanchez, Ruby Villavicencio Paurom, and Mila Lagrosa in the birthing place of Sonia’s van (as they would ride together to attend a Jung Conference), and eventually in Sonia’s residence lounge table.
The original music, composed by Franklee Garcia Lorenzo, and the script, by Ruby Villavicencio Paurom, was inspired by personal stories of individuals who identified with these archetypes.  The stories shared for the play are real and deep.
The play starts with Psyche, called by the Filipinos to visit and stage a play, aided by the Greek chorus whom she brings with her.  She meets Hannah, who symbolizes the Filipino, and together they watch the cultural archetypes unfold in their presence.
Wounding happens, and the spirit of the archetypes change.  Their original nature is no longer lived out, and they become less of themselves.
The process of healing begins when the archetypal forces of the Artist, the Mystic and the Healer are brought forth to integrate with Hannah for the soulful transformation that unites everyone.
*Reflection Paper of Rose Marie Yenko, 2005 copyright

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